Tyre mounting paste

Since 1981, Pneumatici Go Gomma International produces tyre mounting tyres for the assembly / disassembly of any tyre types.

Our strength is in constant and successful search for high quality products, use of excellent vegetable-based raw materials that don't harm the environment and persons.

Enjoy our reduced delivery times - thanks to the high stock availability. Container customization with your brand image, technical advice - these services and more set Pneumatici Go Gomma International aside from other manufacturers.

Check out our range of products.

  • Yellow Panther Grease

Tyre mounting paste specially formulated for tyres for trucka, agriculture, construction, cushion rings and super elastic tyres. Non-skid properties thanks to the use of natural resins. Long drying.

  • Speed Panther Grease

Mounting paste suitable for the assembly of truck tyres, agriculture and construction equipment tyres. Fast drying.

  • White Panther Grease

Tyre mounting paste, transparent, universal application, indicated for all types of tyres. Fast drying, non-staining!

  • Blue Panther Grease

Mounting paste for blue rubbers, highly lubricant, specially formulated for the mounting of the run flat and low-profile tyres. Fast drying, non-staining!

  • Black Panther Grease

Universal tyre mounting paste, indicated for all types of tyres. Fast drying.

  • Pink Panther Grease

Rose-coloured tyre mounting gel, specially formulated for rapid assembly of tyres to solve air leakage problems around the rim.

  • Tube Tyre Compound

A specially formulated compound for bead seating and inflation of tubeless tyres.

  • Panther Fluid

Concentrated liquid for tyre mounting, suitable for spray application and for automatic tyre assembly lines.

Here, you can read brief descriptions of these products. Download our catalog by clicking the link below.

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