Here you will find a wide range of products and materials for tyre specialists, including:

  • tyre mounting paste for the mounting of all tyre types;
  • skin protection hand washing pastes;
  • repair materials for tyres and inner tubes panter patch;
  • tyre repair kits Black Jack;
  • rubber and metal valves for all types of tyres;
  • O-ring and I-ring for earth moving tyres;
  • balance weights for balancing tyres;
  • protective black paint for tyres;
  • anti-puncture liquid Go Seal;
  • polyurethane fills Go Fill;
  • industrial tyres and rubber tracks of all kinds;
  • TPMS sensor tools and spare parts;
  • wide range of boosters for bead seating of tubeless tyres;
  • ...and much more!

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