Go Gomma offers a wide range of high quality products for the repair of your tyres, including:

  • vulcanizing material Phanter Patch: patches for inner tubes, radial diagonal patches, adhesives for inner tubes and patches, Bead Sealer, Inner Liner, Liquid Buffer, tools, grinding wheels, cutters for the repair and retreading of tyres;
  • self vulcanizing permanent repairs Black Jack: for years, our company has been successfully selling Black Jack, a complete line of products for the permanent tyre repair, from bike to earth moving tyres, and complete tool kits. Black Jack gum repairs are made using twelve fiber yarns with high resistance (Kevlar) and a pouring butyl rubber, developed using special blacks smoke that makes it more resistant and let the repair match the tyre colour. Which is why the repair with Black Jack is guaranteed for the entyre life of the tyre.

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