For over thirty-five years, Go Gomma specializes in tyres filling with anti-puncture products Go Fill, a mixture of two-component polyurethane resins which makes your tyres anti-puncture, cut-resistant and non-explosive. The Go Fill treatment is ideal for industrial tyres that operate in particularly burdensome environments and are subjected to frequent risk of punctures, cuts or bursts. It is also particularly suitable for use in steel mills, foundries, platforms for scrapping and recycling of waste materials, civil and industrial engineering, construction, demolition, quarries and mines,

Go Fill gives a much longer life to your tyres and your resources, increasing the efficiency and safety of heavy duty machines. The product complies with the regulations on the safety of the operators that use continuously moving vehicles, particularly of people lifting equipment, aerial work platforms, forklifts and more. Learn more in the brochure - you can download in directly from the link on this page. For more information on this and other puncture-resistant products, contact us at 050981831, or fill out the form in the "Contacts" section.

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